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Mumbai Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party Ideas in Mumbai

Let us help you plan a bachelor party to remember with top bachelor party ideas with a day of activities and night-out to make Mumbai proud!

55 Foot Party Boat from Mumbai

55 feet of opulence and splendour that is perfect for reception, swanky day out or luxury cruise! Based in Mumbai and for private hire.


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Bar Crawl in Mumbai

Indulge in a night of bar crawling in Mumbai to beat the stress, let-loose and break-free! Visit 3-4 bars with loads of offers like VIP entry & food deals!


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Choose any 4 activities of your choice Mumbai

Enjoy a multi activity day by choosing 4 activities of your choice in the same venue at Mumbai. Ideal for groups of any size! (Min 10 Person)


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Clue Hunt Adventure Mystery Game Mumbai

Be a detective, solve mysteries or escape a chamber! Ideal for team building or fun. Multiple game scenarios to choose from! (60 Minutes )


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Multi Activity Full Throttle Mumbai - 4 Games

Enjoy a multi activity day by choosing 4 activities of your choice in the same venue. Ideal for groups and to cater to the diverse tastes of the members.


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Mumbai Flying tour in a fixed-wing Aircraft

Mumbai Flying Tour takes you on a 20 minute plane ride over the bustling city and its iconic skyline. Sightseeing takes on a new dimension from the sky.


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Mumbai Large Group Party Boat

Plan a boat party in Mumbai & celebrate in style! Holds up to 200 people. Dance, eat, drink & party. Ideal for events & occasions.

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Paintball Near Powai, Mumbai - 50 Balls

Paintball has it all - fun, action and combat! It is easily one of the most popular activities for groups.


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Paragliding at Kamshet Near Mumbai

Paragliding in Kamshet near Mumbai ensures adventure and adrenalin in equal measures. Soar high in the sky like a free bird . No prior flying experience needed!


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Yacht Party Dhow in Mumbai

Party in Mumbai on a luxury yacht & cruise the Mumbai waters. Ideal for theme parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, office dos, romantic dinners & more!

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When it comes to jumping on a craze, Mumbai takes the lead in India. It is not surprising how quickly Mumbai has accepted the bachelor party trend. Bollywood celebrities are quick to launch new fads and the bachelor party has fast become a growing addition to the great India wedding festivity. And when Mumbai does things, there is always an element of style. The city, especially around Bandra and Juhu, has the most number of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and bachelor-friendly venues in Mumbai.

When a friend bites the bullet and decides to settle down it is customary for his friends to show him what he is going to miss. While marriage signifies a change in lifestyle and a goodbye to bar nights and drinking games, the bachelor party is a chance for a last night of freedom bash. It is a tradition the world over and it has caught on big time in Mumbai!

The entire process becomes all the more enjoyable when planning the bachelor party is hassle-free… We help you every step of the way. From planning to execution and almost anything else you can throw at us in between. We have considerable experience organizing bachelor parties in Mumbai. We also know all the top Mumbai nightclubs and bars.

With a little help from GoBananas, the bachelor party could be much more than a night out getting wasted at a bar in Mumbai. In fact, the ideas are many and you could organise loads of activities during the day and night to make it all the more enjoyable than a mere blip in your memory of a drunken night with the gang.

In our experience, we find that beginning during the day with fun activities like paintball or go-karts or even a spot of target shooting makes the evening party activities all the more fun. Fun day activities in the best activity centres in and around Mumbai are ideal to wind up to something like bar crawling at night. Often a good mix of activities to blow off some steam and even an adrenaline high with adventure activities only increases the sense of entitlement to the fun later at the party.

We can help you with different kinds of Mumbai bachelor party ideas and planning it all to the ‘T’. From arranging pranks to top Mumbai venues, accommodation ideas to transport, food and drink to party games we plan it all. All we need is your group size and budget… Plan the best bachelor party sans the hassles!

Give us a call for more party ideas.


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