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Coorg is the closest wild fastness to bangalore and home to exciting activities and outstanding trekking experiences to the mountain tops. Ideal for groups of any size or age.

Coorg Day Activities

Coorg Day Activities

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Coorg Offbeat Adventures

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Coorg sits on the western edge of the state of Karnataka and is where the Deccan plane rises up to the GATT mountains before falling away to the Arabian Sea. Coorg has often been described as India's Scotland because of its wide uplands and river fed valleys. The real attraction of Coorg for visitors is the wonderful trekking and local activities.

We offer both trekking and walking packages as well as some local activities. We can organise them for any group size and where necessary we can also arrange your transport from Bangalore or Mysore.

Although Coorg is relatively easy to get to, you should prepare yourself for some winding and precipitous roads. There are buses that run from both Bangalore and Mysore, but if you are a large group we can arrange the transfer for you. Some of our packages include transfers from Bangalore.

There are really three distinct ecologies in Coorg district: there are the bare mountaintops, below them are the plantations scented with the famous coffee and then in the valleys there is mountain jungle whose inhabitants include wild elephants. The local people include the tribals of the mountains that still cling to some of their ancient traditions.

If you are coming to Coorg for just a few days, then we recommend that you book one of our overnight trekking packages. These give you the widest experience of this wonderful environment with a highlight of sitting on a mountain top and staring out across the range. Do talk to us before booking as different packages suit different types of groups and the last thing you want to do is book yourself onto the wrong trek. The real differences between them are that some are tougher than others and require a certain level of fitness. This is especially important for families with younger children who simply will not cope with the endless walking.

We also have a range of exciting activities like whitewater rafting and if you really want something different, and you really want to see the landscape below you then why not join us for a microlight flight across the mountaintops.

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