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Chennai Team Building

Team Ideas & Events near Chennai

Range of team building ideas and activities around Chennai for companies looking to develop some esprit de corps among the staff!

Adventure Day Out Near Chennai

Feel the adrenaline rush in India's first certified adventure sports centre set in 11 acres near Chennai. Team building with obstacle courses and adventure activities with a retired army expert at the helm! Bond over loads of thrill and fun!


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Every manager knows that however much you spend on plant and equipment, nothing matters if you don't have an amazing team; and however great the individuals are, unless you meld them into a team it won't mean anything. Indian businesses are waking up to the need to manage and cherish their human resources and sometimes that means getting out of the office and its endless meetings and giving them something different, fun and interesting to do.

Teambuilding exercises are all about exercising muscles that so often get ignored in the office: we are all rational and capable of building Gantt charts or coding software, but do we know how to interact and empathise with each other? Do we know how to get the best of our colleagues? Do we know how to take a problem, big or small, and solve it together rather than as individuals.

The great thing about teambuilding is that it is fun and the problems we set have no repercussions. It doesn't matter whether you solve them or not and therefore the more none of the normal pressures. Team can enjoy being a team and can enjoy each other's mistakes and in the process we learn how how mistakes get made, how individuals respond to pressure and we can use that content to help individuals develop.

One of the skills that we are looking for more and more of our colleagues to have is the ability to think laterally, to move away from the direct rational solutions and to find different and innovative ways to address and solve a problem.

We can offer a range of different teambuilding activities around Chennai for companies. The package of activities can be designed to develop specific skills or two more generally develop a sense of team. They can last all day all just part of the day and each teambuilding package is developed for your needs specifically. Everything you will need during the day is provided for you, so all you need to do is turn up and we will do the rest.


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