Raft Building Challenge Near Bangalore

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Compete in teams, build a raft and race it across the water to win! Few team building activities test teams on so many levels and yet provide so much fun! Add on rappelling, kayaking and trekking for a full day of activities not too far from the city!

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Build rafts, race, complete mission - learn survival skills
  • Test your team strength & have loads of fun!
  • Customize missions, distribue prizes & more!
  • Add-on kayaking, rappelling or trekking for full activity day!
  • Top corporate team building idea & just outside Bangalore!
  • Raft building is a top team building activity all over the world as there are numerous skills being tested and there is a raft race at the end. Very much like projects at work, there are lots of deft decisions to be made within a set time and a goal to achieve. Plus you learn vital survival skills! 

    Raft building is also loads of fun! You are out of the workplace, outside the city, outdoors in Kunti Betta or Manchinbele making a raft worthy enough to take you across the river! You are in a team of some old and new colleagues engaging in a fun activity and competing to win a raft race in the quickest possible time!  

    Tip: When you split into teams have fun team names like "The Unsinkables' or 'The Rafterrors' and so on. 

    What to expect...

    • Split your group into teams
    • The instructors work with you to customise the activity to your group choice
    • Each team is given coir or rubber ropes, bamboo poles and instructions to make the raft
    • A fixed time or a goal and sometimes both can be set
    • Use the provided props to build a raft
    • Complete the race and finish the mission
    • Arrange prizes

    Customize the mission in the following ways...

    • Build raft and have a search and rescue - Rescue one of your team mates from across the river 
    • Build raft, race raft and conduct a search and rescue - fastest wins
    • Build raft go across and then a hunt for treasure
    • Build raft and have a survival or load bearing challenge
    • Have a morning session of trekking and rappelling followed by afternoon session of kayaking and raft building

    Skills tested...

    • Practical problem solving
    • Team work with a tangible conclusion
    • Immediate success evaluation
    • Survival skills
    • Decision making
    • Strategising
    • Physical strength (rowing and paddling)


    • A minimum of 15 people required to conduct the activity
    • Cutomise everything from transport to meals to your liking
    • Call early to plan prizes, missions etc
  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Minimum Number: 20
  • Suitable for: Great for Large Groups, Staff Day Out, Team Building Event, Youth Groups
  • Not Suitable for: Children, Epileptics, Pacemaker Carriers, People with hearing problems, People with heart conditions, Visually Impaired People, Wheelchair Users
  • What You Need: Change of Clothes, Old Clothes, PhotoID, Proof of Age, Snack, Water Bottle

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