• Boeing 737 Flight Sim

    Boeing 737 Flight Sim

    20,000 Airports - 1000 Dials - 1 Pilot: YOU!

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Boeing 737 Jet Simulator Experience Bangalore

Price Starts From 1950.00
Pilot a Boeing 737 commercial jet in a 1:1 simulator for 30 minutes. You get to fly to far-off lands over mountains, seas and iconic landmarks. Safest way to fly a plane or NOT. Reckless or precise it feels real and is full of thrill!

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Some Great Reasons To Choose This:

  • Fly a Boeing 737 jet in a simulator!
  • Real cockpit feel, take-off & land anywhere in the world!
  • Choice of 20,000 airports, weather conditions & time of day or night
  • Unusual idea for Bangalore
  • 30 minutes of piloting a commercial jet! How cool is that!
  • Boeing 737 – Commercial Jet Simulator Experience Bangalore

    Take a flight of fancy in our 30 minute Boeing 737 flight simulator. Understand how commercial jets are flown and enjoy the 'very real' simulated experience. Choose different weather conditions to fly in and pick different times of the day or night - be adventurous and feel the adrenaline rush!

    The fact that the it is in a simulator does not take away from the awe of the experience. It sure seems real and you go through the entire drill in the cockpit - everything from cockpit instrumentation brief to take-off and landing.

    You get the choice of landing over 20,000 airports across the world. Skim the skyscrapers of Manhattan or Hong Kong or fly over the snow-capped Alps or the Savannah, the choice is entirely up to you.

    You can also opt for the 15 minute experience, which is ideal for a taste of the idea or a 60 minutes full flight experience beginning from pushback from airport gate and taxi to runway! (prices vary)

    Why choose this experience?

    • To experience piloting a commercial jet
    • To do the unusual Birthday /Anniversary bash in a cockpit
    • As a surprise for someone special
    • To decide on choosing flying as a career
    • Fun party idea
  • Minimum Number: 3
  • Quick Summary of Inclusions: All Necessary Equipment
  • Duration in Minutes: 30
  • Suitable for: Daytime Venue, Great for Small Groups, Hen and Stag Parties

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