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Bangalore Bachelor Party

Big ideas for your Bangalore Bachelor Party

We are the people to get your Bachelor party night organised in Bangalore. Whether it be a day or a night or both, we've got the ideas and entertainment to send you off with a bang on your last night of freedom!

Adventure Day Outing in Manchinbele Bangalore

Enjoy a full adventure day out in Manchinbele, Bangalore. Ideal for all kinds of groups, also Corporate & great for team building. Set in beautiful outdoors. Full Day event Adventure & Watersports..


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Bangalore Pub Crawl

Crawl through 3 Bangalore pubs with deals of drinks & food. Pub crawling is simply fun! In Bangalore, the fun is magnified. The city has the best pubs in India.


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High on Wheels Pub Crawl Bangalore

Go pub hopping riding bicycles on the streets of Bangalore. Visit 3 iconic pubs famed for their drinks, food and music and see some of the famous nightspots en-route. Get high on wheels and yet break no rules! (5 hours)


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Laser combat Bangalore

Enjoy all the fun of paintball minus the mess and the pain with laser tag event in Bangalore. Fight, split into teams and shoot combat style to win!


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Paintball - 50 Pellets Bangalore

Paintball - 50 Pellets Bangalore is thrilling and fun! Enjoy the adrenaline rush & combat fun. Top quality equipment, paint & safety gear. Great for groups!

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Quad Bike 12 Km Fun Trail Bangalore - 330cc

Go on a a 12 km trail ATV ride on the Trail Boss near Bangalore. Fun mix of adventure, fun & adrenaline rush. Ride over all kinds of terrain in this trail.


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Quad Biking 7 Km Fun Trail Bangalore

Enjoy the sporty ATV, Phoenix, in a fun 7 Km fun trail around the scenic Bangalore outskirts. Ideal for thrill and fun for groups of all kinds.


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Winery Tour with Grape Stomping Bangalore

Enjoy an all encompassing wine experience with winery tour with grape stomping and wine tasting in Bangalore.


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It is India's fastest-growing trend: taking the boys out for a party to celebrate your last night of freedom, and as always Bangalore is taking the lead.

It is often said that marriage is more than a word, it is a sentence. That may be a little strong, but it should warn you that your life is about to change and those happy nights sitting in the pub with your pals may soon be history.

Never fear, we're here to make sure that that final night is one to remember! We've been organising bachelor parties in Bangalore for some time and we thought it was time to bring our brand of madness to India's most forward looking city-Bangalore. Our approach is a little different to everyone else: we believe a really good party should be more than a few drinks in a bar and that's why we like to organise lots of activities around it.

As with all parties, success depends on planning of the event and this is where we can help. Do away with all the hassles of planning the venue, the activities and budget worries. When day and night activities flow seamlessly, you are guaranteed a party that is a hit with all your friends.

We think you should start your bachelor party in the daytime with something exciting, maybe some paintball or some bashing around on quad bikes. If the groom is up for it, include adventure activities to inject an adrenaline rush into the day. That builds some esprit de corps and a real sense that you are the Warriors!

Then, after a cleanup, why not join us on a bar crawl and taking some of Bangalore's nightlife. We have tried all the top bars in Bangalore and can point you towards the most ideal ones for your bachelor party. Move on to a nightclub or to discotheques in Bangalore to get onto the floor, dance and mingle with ladies for a bit.

Our Bangalore bachelor party ideas are many and you could even have a private venue where we can help you arrange some fun pranks for groom, arrange the booze, help with the oath and games to keep the party on a high throughout. 

Clearly, all this can be done without any hitches with help from GoBananas, we know the party scene and the best activity centres in Bangalore. From booking accommodation - be it private villas, apartments or hotels to transport, we can arrange it all. All we need is your group size and budget and we will work things out with you to tiniest detail. Check out for more party ideas!


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